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Two gay dads teaching son, who was birthed through surrogacy for same sex couples, how to ride a bike


Grow Your Family

Through Surrogacy

The Road Less Traveled...

At Kindred Surrogacy, we know the many roads that lead parents to the path of surrogacy. Some come to this path due to complications in past attempts to grow their family. Others are met with barriers that prevent physically carrying a child, such as women born without a uterus, or same sex couples. By this point, most of our intended parents have already exhausted other options to grow their family, such as adoption or In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). As Robert Frost says, going down "the road less traveled will make all the difference."

Choosing Kindred to help you Grow Your Family

At Kindred Surrogacy we are here for you. We make sure that your experience as an intended parent is guided, smooth, and ethical. Our main goal is to help you grow your family through surrogacy. We provide services to all different types of families including same sex couples, single parents, and more. We proudly welcome you to the Kindred family!

Ready to become a parent?

We understand the emotional and financial investments intended parents must commit to their pursuit of having a child. Our mission is to help you feel safe and secure as we provide hands on surrogacy support to you through this lengthy and emotional journey. We will be there, to help you stay focused on the end goal: a happy and healthy baby!

Employees from Kindred Surrogacy in Clovis, California holding sign saying they love their Intended Parents
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