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Kindred Surrogacy provides guidance and support to those who are interested in growing their family through surrogacy as well as anyone who wants to become a gestational surrogate. At Kindred Surrogacy, we understand this journey better than most, because many of us have gone through it ourselves! We have taken our experiences to help better yours; with open communication from the beginning steps of matching parents with surrogates, until after birth in following up on the well being of the new little one, and health of each surrogate. We are there with you every step of the way with hands on surrogacy support.

Grow Your Family

We understand the investments intended parents must commit to their pursuit of having a child. For most, surrogacy is the last option people want to take in order to grow their family. Our goal is to walk you through step by step in this journey. We will be there, to help you stay focused on the end goal: happy and healthy babies!
Sleeping Baby born through gestational surrogacy by Central California surrogate

Become a Surrogate

If you’re passionate about helping families grow, and have enjoyed being pregnant before, you may consider becoming a surrogate! Our surrogates have described surrogacy as an incredibly fulfilling experience, and often end up loving surrogacy so much they go on to have more than one surrogate pregnancy journey. We will be there every step of the process to guide you, answer your questions, and support you by using our guided surrogacy techniques. 

Why Choose Kindred Surrogacy 

As you do your research I’m sure you’ve looked into many different agencies at this point, but how do you know which is right for you?

As a surrogate, having an agency local to you in Central California is a big advantage since we are easily accessible, in-person, at ANY time. If you need anything, you can walk right into our office or make an appointment to meet with us. We are also always available to attend appointments with you, and deliveries as needed. You will have a designated case manager supporting you throughout your journey before, during, and after your surrogacy. 


At Kindred Surrogacy, we only work with Central Valley, California surrogates. As an Intended Parent, having an agency local to your California surrogate can give you peace of mind. This allows our agency representatives to be hands-on throughout your surrogate's journey, supporting her, and always providing updates to you along the way. 

Keeping Up With Kindred


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