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Chelsee pregnant carrying child for intended parents

Our Story

Our story starts with humble beginnings...

Kindred Surrogacy was founded out of the incredible bond that was formed between intended parent, Joy Zhu and surrogate, Chelsee Heu.


Chelsee Heu had no idea how far her surrogacy journey would take her when she first applied to become a surrogate many years ago. She knew that she would be helping another family, but never anticipated the impact it would have on her own life.

Initially, she thought she would get pregnant, help the intended family, help her own family, give birth, hand over the baby to the parents, and move on returning to her normal lifestyle. Little did she know what was in store.


During the process Chelsee found passion in helping families grow through ethical surrogacy.

Our Story

-Growing A Family

It was through surrogacy that Chelsee met Joy Zhu, the intended parent whose child Chelsee was to carry for the next nine months.


Joy had struggled to have children. So, in order to grow her family, she did research and ultimately decided to try to become a parent through surrogacy.


The end result was two happy and healthy babies carried by two different kind, loving, and selfless women.

Image by Sincerely Media

“Growing my family through surrogacy has been a wonderful experience. Now I would like to help others do the same.”

-Joy Zhu

Our Story

-How Kindred Started

Chelsee and Joy connected on a level that transcended the surrogacy process. They became very close and are still friends to this day.


When the entire surrogacy process was complete and Chelsee continued keeping in contact with Joy, they often joked that after everything they learned along the way, they should start a surrogacy agency.

Grand opening of Kindred Surrogacy in Fresno, California
Our Story Ain't No Joke...

They both enjoyed the process from start to finish so much that they joked about starting an agency themselves- as it would be a way to keep surrogacy in their lives.


It turned out, that it wasn’t a joke.


In June of 2017, Chelsee left her job and began putting together the pieces needed to operate a full service, ethical surrogacy agency.


This would go on to become Kindred Surrogacy.

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