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Ursila McFadden

Ursila McFadden is a 3x experienced surrogate and lover of the surrogacy community. Ursila has gained lifelong friends by giving the gift of life and continues to give to families as a case manager with Kindred Surrogacy since May of 2018.


Ursila works tirelessly to support all the surrogates and intended parents she works with.  She provides support to surrogates and intended parents during screening, contracts, transfer, pregnancy, and the postpartum stage of their journey.


She brings her first-hand knowledge of the process and does her best to ensure that every encounter is seamless and filled with love and compassion.

Stacy Xiong

Stacy Xiong is an experienced surrogate that began her surrogacy journey by matching with an amazing couple from China in 2017. In March of 2019, I delivered her first surrogate baby.


Her heart was so happy with tears, love, and joy! She loves being a surrogate and the teachings it provides rooted in patience and determination. Making families is one of the most beautiful things she has experienced.


She joined the Kindred team in June of 2019. As a case manager, and her passion is to provide support to surrogates and intended parents to ensure that they have a smooth and beautiful journey.

Kim Hennessy_edited.png

Kimberly Hennessy has vast experience in third-party matching and client care. She understands the first-hand longing for a child and the desire to count on the people helping you.


Kimberly joined the Kindred Team early 2021. She brings over 16 years of experience in the fertility world with experience at two of the most well-respected fertility centers in the US!


You can count on her for a listening ear and a problem-solving nature. She not only to provides information and support but helps to build bridges for Kindred's clients. 

Kim Laurenson_edited.jpg

Kim Laurenson is a two time surrogate herself that chose to focus on family after a career on corporate America. She has a passion for surrogacy and loves helping others achieve their dream of creating families.

Kim joined the team in late 2021 as a Surrogate Intake Coordinator and offers first-hand experience and guidance to our surrogates. 


She most ensures each applicant gets a personal, friendly and streamlined experience. She offers a wealth of information to make every surrogate feel comfortable.

Crystal Lor

Crystal Lor loves being able to support the surrogacy process along with the amazing team of women at Kindred. With previous experience as a Newborn Hearing Specialist.


Crystal joined the team at Kindred in 2020 as a Surrogate Support Coordinator. She performs administrative tasks and creates social media content to educate and celebrate Kindred's clients. 


Crystal is currently on her TTC journey and aspires to be a mother one day.

Michelle Merida

Michelle Merida is an experienced surrogate that successfully carried for intended parents back in 2015. Her supportive and smooth experience motivated her to want to provide that for others.

She joined the team at Kindred in 2020 as an Intake Coordinator. Michelle supports surrogates like herself looking to understand the ins and outs of being a surrogate.


Michelle felt complete when her delivery time came and hopes to help other surrogates feel the same.