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Kindred Surrogacy team

Meet Our Team

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Get to Know the Kindred Staff!

Ursila McFadden

Ursila McFadden is a 3x experienced surrogate and all-around lover of the surrogacy community, joining our team in May 2018. As case manager, she works tirelessly to support our surrogates and intended parents throughout their journeys, gaining lifelong friends along the way.

Upon matching, you will find Ursila at all stages of the process. She works with both the surrogate and intended parents during medical screening, contracts, transfer, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond. She brings her first-hand knowledge of the process and does her best to ensure that every encounter is seamless and filled with love and compassion.

Stacy Xiong

Stacy Xiong is an experienced surrogate that began her surrogacy journey by matching with an amazing couple from China in 2017, delivering her first surrogate baby in March 2019. She loves being a surrogate and the teachings it provides, rooted in patience and determination; making families is one of the most beautiful things she has experienced.


She joined the Kindred team in June of 2019 and currently serves as a support coordinator to the case management team. Her passion is to provide support to both surrogates and intended parents, ensuring that they have a smooth and beautiful journey.

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