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The Surrogacy Process

The surrogacy process is not simple.

There are many steps to the surrogacy process. Because of the nature of the arrangement, the journey can take over a year for many couples. We are here to help break it down and make things simple. We want you to understand the basics about all that goes into the surrogacy journey. Then, when you are ready to start your journey of growing your family, we will hold your hand though every step of the way!

Surrogacy Process First Step: Screening

We have a serious screening process to make sure we only pair highly qualified and healthy surrogates with our intended parents.

Some of the surrogacy screening process includes:

  • Review of medical records by IVF clinic

  • In-depth background check of the application and all other adults in their home for any criminal history or civil judgements

  • Home visits to check that the applicant's living environment is safe for pregnancy

  • Disease and drug testing of the surrogate and her partner

  • Review of her health insurance to see if it is acceptable for use during a surrogate pregnancy

  • Make sure she is local to qualify as a California surrogate

Surrogacy Process Step Two: Matchmaking

After initial screening is completed, the next essential phase is matching you to the right surrogate.

A good match is paramount for a smooth surrogacy journey.

It is crucial that surrogates and parents see eye to eye on key topics. The right match goes beyond just finding one with a corresponding surrogacy plan; each intended parent(s), or surrogate alike, will need a partner who shares mutual expectations, preferences and similar goals with them. This is another important area that Kindred Surrogacy covers for you using our guided surrogacy process. We take out the stress of finding the right match for both intended parents and surrogates.

Kindred Surrogacy initiates a meeting between intended parents and prospective surrogates. After each meeting, the parties will be asked separately if they would like to work together.

Encouraging Communication

Kindred Surrogacy always encourages you to communicate freely during this surrogate matching process so that you really get to know and understand one another. Both parties have to agree to the match in order to move forward, otherwise we will continue to look to other candidates for a match.

Upon agreement, Kindred Surrogacy arranges a psychological assessment of the surrogate and her partner by a licensed mental health professional. Once the surrogate passes this stage of screening, the parties move forward to the next step, continuing on the path of the guided surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Process Step 3: Legal Phase

Upon clearance of medical and psychological appointments, the intended parents will work with an attorney to create the surrogacy agreement.

Surrogacy Agreement

Within this contract, the roles and responsibilities of the intended parents and gestational surrogate will be outlined. It is important that the surrogate is represented by a separate attorney to review the contract with her and assist her in discussions with the intended parents.

Having separate legal representation ensures both parties are being represented in their best interests and is standard practice with Kindred Surrogacy.

Terms & Conditions

At this point the intended parents and surrogate must reconcile their terms and conditions, discuss the terms for termination and reduction, number of embryos to be transferred, preferred method of communication, and all other relevant issues that need to be addressed.

California surrogacy law prohibits the start of any injectable medications until there is a signed legal contract between intended parents and gestational surrogates.

Surrogacy Process Final Step: IVF Cycle

In Vitro Fertilization

Once both parties have signed the surrogacy agreement, the IVF clinic will schedule a tentative appointment for transfer of embryos, at which point the IVF clinic instructs the surrogate when the appropriate time to take medications in preparation of embryo transfer will be. Blood work and other tests will be run in preparation of the transfer to ensure a successful and smooth pregnancy.



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