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Who can be an Intended Parent?

Here at Kindred Surrogacy in Clovis, California, we believe that if you have the desire to grow your family, you have the right to do so. We know that there are many roads that lead parents to the path of surrogacy.

Having a family is one of the biggest miracles of life and we believe that no one should be exempt from experiencing such a beautiful thing.

We provide services to all different types of families!

We have helped same sex couples who wish to become parents and we are very active in the community. We have even partnered with Men Having Babies, MHB, which is an agency dedicated to providing unbiased surrogacy parenting advice and support for gay men worldwide!

We also assist single parents, because we believe that no matter the size of the family, all families matter.

We don't stop within our border either, we assist families from outside of the United States who wish to grow their families through the California Surrogacy process.

So no matter who you are, we proudly welcome you to the Kindred family!



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