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Why choose a California surrogacy process?

At Kindred Surrogacy, we only work with Central Valley, California surrogates. This allows us to be local to all of our surrogates and provide the best services we can. It also ensures to our Intended Parents that they will receive a happy, healthy baby while going through a safe and tested process.

Why choose a California Surrogate?

Where your surrogate lives determines jurisdiction for laws and regulations for your surrogacy arrangement. California is often considered the gold standard for surrogacy due to a well developed legal process that is safe for intended parents and surrogates alike.

How Surrogacy Works in California.

The state offers all intended parents, irrespective of their sexual orientation and/or their marital status, the opportunity to establish legal parental rights before birth through a pre-birth order (PBO). Once the child is born, the PBO grants intended parents full and legal parental rights with the intended parent(s)’s name going directly on the birth certificate. California issues PBOs to a variety of individuals, including but not limited to surrogacy for LGBT couples, surrogacy for single men or women, and surrogacy for intended parents with no genetic relationship to the embryo.

Overall, choosing do a California surrogacy process is best for everyone involved!



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