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Ursila's Story

Howdy, my name is Ursila! I’m a mother to Ethan, a wife to Adam since 2005, a dog and guinea pig owner, a 3x experienced surrogate, and a lover of the surrogacy community.

In my first journey in 2012, I carried a baby girl for a couple in Japan and everything went smoothly until it came time for delivery. Unfortunately, 39 weeks of happiness tragically ended in a stillbirth due to the umbilical cord being wrapped around her neck. Working through the grief, I found tremendous support from my family, friends, and faith, and it gave me the strength to try to help another family.

In 2014, I connected with intended parents who reside in Arizona and we became pregnant with twins! Their babies were born very healthy in March of 2015 and I keep in touch with the family to this day. I have visited with them twice since their birth and they will be lifelong friends.

After the birth of the twins, I met a local couple through mutual friends and I matched with them for my final surrogacy journey. I delivered a 9lb baby boy for them in 2017 and I continue to have a wonderful relationship with their family. I pumped breast milk for their baby for over a year, which made the experience even more special and helped me gain knowledge to be able to provide assistance to surrogates who pump after their journeys as well.

I have been a case manager with Kindred Surrogacy since May of 2018 and I look forward to coming to work every day! I provide support to surrogates and intended parents during screening, contracts, transfer, pregnancy, and the postpartum stage of their journey. I bring my first-hand knowledge of the process with me to work and I do my best to ensure that every encounter is seamless and filled with love and compassion.



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